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We are excited to be hosting BAMBOO by NoFit State – a spectacular new high-impact, high-skill outdoor circus production using only bamboo and human bodies – revealing the fragility and beauty of our interconnected and interdependent life on this planet.
The artists arrive at an empty stage, bringing bundles of bamboo. They build towering sculptures which morph, transform and become an improbable, delicate circus playground that seems to defy the laws of physics. 
Inhabited by world-class circus artists and acrobats, the structures bend, and flex, adding to the tension, drama, and sense of jeopardy that lies at the heart of great circus.
A meaningful, joyful performance with live music, comedy and amazing feats of strength and agility. 
Together we celebrate what’s possible when humans and the natural world trust each other and work in harmony.

Saturday 10th August

Start times: 2pm and 5pm

Colby Woodland Gardens, Garden Road, Amroth SA67 8PP

Duration: 45 minutes 

BAMBOO. A NoFit State production directed by Mish Weaver, in collaboration with Orit Azaz and Imagineer Productions. It is supported by the Arts Council of Wales, the Foyle Foundation, and Without Walls, and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Hat Fair and Timber Festival.

Parking: there is paid parking available at the National Trust site, but space may be limited, please arrive early to ensure a space. Alternatively, additional parking is available in Amroth and you can walk to the site from the beach, this will take about 20-30 mins. 

Public transport is available to Amroth and you can walk to the site from there. 

In addition to seeing the show, you will have access to explore the National Trust site.

Facilities: The path to the performance site is wheelchair accessible, please be aware that the performance will be on grass. There are accessible and public toilets available on site along with café facilities run by the National Trust. 

If you have any specific access needs please contact Bethan Morgan, SPAN Community Producer, at info@span-arts.org.uk 

This is an outdoor show, there will be some mats available for people to sit on the ground at the front of the performance but the remaining audience will be standing. 

Weather: we will do all we can to ensure the show goes on, if there are gusts of over 25 miles an hour up to 25 hrs before the show, the site will close, if there is heavy rain that poses a risk to the performer’s safety we will have to cancel the show. As there is some Arts Council of Wales funding supporting this show, if we have to cancel the show, your ticket price will be refunded. 

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