Bodoli is an artist-led initiative aiming to regenerate rural Pembrokeshire. Bringing inspiring and inclusive, accessible creative spaces to local communities and visitors.

We are a community lead collective of multifaceted cross disciplinary artists and makers from Pembrokeshire, Wales. Pembrokeshire seemingly houses an abundance of creatives but a distinct lack of focused creative hubs… we plan to fix this. Holding a key philosophy of public accessibility to the arts, we intend to nurture and grow togetherness through sharing skills and broadening community horizons eventually from a central nucleus space – the Bodoli hub.

At the heart of our ethos is a focus on the improvement of the community; we intend to establish a space that is centred around connection and creative practices. Through workshops and community engagement we want to give individuals (of all artistic ability) and groups an opportunity to engage in practices that cultivate well-being and expression.

We encourage inclusivity of culturally and socially diverse participants making sure there is a potential for learning is welcomed for people from all backgrounds.

The Space will become a working studio, where creatives can come together and make, where local independent artists will be supported and encouraged by other like-minded individuals. It will be a space of inclusion where local groups can come and attend different workshops aiming to spark and unlock creative potential. Projects will be exciting and engaging, encouraging participants to grow as active creative members of the community. Equally the team is large enough that groups of members will be able to travel and spread knowledge and potentially work with existing charities and organisations within the county. We will be conscious to listen to the needs of the community and participants whilst delivering high-quality knowledge and work, the hub can then act as a gallery space and open studio in the busier summer months.