St David was a Celtic saint who lived in west Wales in the 6th century.  He is now the patron saint of Wales and is celebrated on 1st March by Welsh people all across the globe. He established a community in the valley where St Davids Cathedral is now. The 12th Century account of his life by Rhygyfarch, son of Bishop Sulien of St Davids, says that Dewi died on Tuesday the first day of March. In 2022 the 1st March is again on a Tuesday. There are many events in the Cathedral and surrounding area so that the people of Wales and elsewhere can come and celebrate Dewi Sant in the place where he lived and died.

There is something for everyone:

  • 8am Holy Communion at the high altar
  • 10am School Service
  • 11.15am Pilgrims walk and procession from nearby St Non’s Chapel to the St Davids stone at Oriel y Parc
  • 12.10pm Bishop of St David’s Blessing of the City and the Nation from the City Cross in St Davids City Square
  • 12.30pm Prayers and readings at restored medieval shrine of Dewi Sant / St David in centre of Cathedral
  • 1pm – 4pm  unique Cathedral Library open between services to see copies of the Books of St David’s life and original 1620 Welsh Bibles
  • 6pm Choral Evensong in 14th century Cathedral Quire

Everyone is welcome to join any or all of these events and to celebrate St David with us all in St Davids.