These Terms and Conditions refer to the use of Pembrokeshire Inspired’s website located at and in Welsh at and the app available for handheld smart devices using Android and iOS.

Pembrokeshire Inspired is a website and a digital application (‘app’). The website and the app each use identical functionality and the same content.


These Terms and Conditions use the following terms.

Pembrokeshire Inspired

The Pembrokeshire Inspired website or app, or any of the staff, volunteers or agents operating directly for the Pembrokeshire Inspired website or app.

Service User

Any individual or organisation that uses the Pembrokeshire Inspired website or app.


A Service User who has provided an email address for the purpose of receiving regular email updates from Pembrokeshire Inspired.


A Service User that has a registered profile on the Pembrokeshire Inspired website or app for the purpose of sharing events and activities, or for selling products.


The functionality of the Pembrokeshire Inspired website and app, provided to Service Users.


An individual, organisation or other commercial entity which is not Pembrokeshire Inspired or the Service User.

Partner Organisation

A Third-Party that is working jointly with Pembrokeshire Inspired with the aim of improving or expanding the Services offered by Pembrokeshire Inspired.

By accessing Pembrokeshire Inspired it is assumed that you accept these Terms and Conditions. Do not continue to use Pembrokeshire Inspired if you do not agree to all of the Terms and Conditions.


Most websites use cookies to retrieve the user’s details for each visit.  Cookies are used by Pembrokeshire Inspired to enable the functionality of certain areas to make it easier for people using the website.

By accessing Pembrokeshire Inspired, you agreed to use cookies in agreement with Pembrokeshire Inspired’s Privacy Policy, which states that data collected through the website and app in this way is not shared with third-parties, including advertisers, partner organisations or members.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise stated, intellectual property rights for material on Pembrokeshire Inspired are owned by Pembrokeshire Inspired, its members or partner organisations.  All intellectual property rights are reserved.


Please read the Privacy Policy, available here:

Using and Sharing Content on Pembrokeshire Inspired

Material is posted on Pembrokeshire Inspired by members and partner organisations for the purposes of publicity, and therefore sharing information contained on Pembrokeshire Inspired is encouraged.  Where website content is shared, it should be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the source including (where possible) a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) directing to the page on the Pembrokeshire Inspired website containing the content.

You must not:

  • Republish, reproduce, duplicate or copy material in a way that misrepresents Pembrokeshire Inspired or its contributors, including using content that is incomplete or lacking a context, where the lack of such information will misrepresent Pembrokeshire Inspired;
  • Republish, reproduce, duplicate or copy material from Pembrokeshire Inspired without acknowledgement or attribution as described above;
  • Use images from Pembrokeshire Inspired (including logos) in any way without the permission of the copyright holder;
  • Sell, rent or sub-license any material from Pembrokeshire Inspired


The creation of frames around any part of the Pembrokeshire Inspired website is not permitted without written consent from Pembrokeshire Inspired.

Hyperlinking to Content on Pembrokeshire Inspired

Any website or other online content, including social media site or other forms of digital communication, belonging to any individual, organisation or other commercial entity may use hyperlinks to link to Pembrokeshire Inspired.

Hyperlinks should ensure that they

  • are not in any way deceptive or misleading;
  • do not falsely imply any relationship with or to Pembrokeshire Inspired (e.g. sponsorship, endorsement, or any other form of contractual or in-kind arrangement)
  • Hyperlinks to Pembrokeshire Inspired should be done so
  • By use of the Pembrokeshire Inspired name (in English or in Welsh); or
  • By use of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) being linked to; or
  • By use of any other description of our Website being linked to that makes sense within the context and format of content on the linking party’s site.

No use of Pembrokeshire Inspired’s logo or other artwork or image used on Pembrokeshire Inspired will be allowed for linking without written consent from Pembrokeshire Inspired.

Pembrokeshire Inspired reserves the right to request that hyperlinks or other content related to Pembrokeshire Inspired are removed in the event that it deems necessary. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you approve to immediately remove all links or other content upon request.

Hyperlinks on Pembrokeshire Inspired to other Websites

Pembrokeshire Inspired may contain hyperlinks to other websites, including but not limited to the websites of Members and Partners.  The inclusion of a hyperlink should not imply any endorsement or relationship to the organisation or owner of the website to which is hyperlinked to.

Furthermore, Pembrokeshire Inspired cannot be held responsible for the content of other websites that are linked to Pembrokeshire Inspired.  Pembrokeshire Inspired will attempt to remove or correct any hyperlinks that are not functioning as intended, but Pembrokeshire Inspired cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses occurring as a result of following hyperlinks on Pembrokeshire Inspired.

Service Users are encouraged to have up to date security software (including anti-viral software) operating on their devices in order to ensure that they are fully protected against malicious website activity.

Information and Content Supplied by Members and Third Parties

Parts of Pembrokeshire Inspired offer an opportunity for members to post stories, events and other information.  Pembrokeshire Inspired does not filter, edit or review any content submitted by Members prior to publication on the website.

Members and any other third parties who wish to contribute to Pembrokeshire Inspired by adding any sort of content should ensure that the content is relevant to the arts and cultural purpose of Pembrokeshire Inspired.  If there are any queries regarding relevance, please contact

Members and third-parties who do wish to submit content agree that:

  • They are entitled to post that content on Pembrokeshire Inspired and that they have all necessary licenses and consents to do so;
  • The content will be complete and accurate, and that Pembrokeshire Inspired can amend any content where errors or inaccuracies are identified;
  • Any content submitted by them will not cause offence, interference or disruption to others (including other members) who are using Pembrokeshire Inspired;
  • The content will not invade any intellectual property right, including without limitation copyright, patent or trademark of any other party;
  • Any content will not contain any defamatory, libellous, offensive, indecent or otherwise unlawful material, or any material considered to be an invasion of privacy;
  • The content will not be used to promote unlawful activity.

Members will maintain ownership and intellectual property of any content that they submit to Pembrokeshire Inspired, but submission of content will hereby grant Pembrokeshire Inspired a non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, and edit any content in any and all forms, formats or media.

Member generated content will also be eligible to be seen, shared and linked to by any third-party that uses Pembrokeshire Inspired in line with these Terms and Conditions.

Content will be removed, and members will be temporarily or even permanently suspended from being able to add further content to Pembrokeshire Inspired at the discretion of Pembrokeshire Inspired in the event that these Terms and Conditions are not met.

Removal or Correction of Content on Pembrokeshire Inspired

Pembrokeshire Inspired will do what is reasonably possible to ensure that information on the website is correct. However, Pembrokeshire Inspired cannot be held liable for information that is incomplete or inaccurate. Pembrokeshire Inspired cannot promise to ensure that the website remains available or that the material on the website is kept up to date.

If any Service User finds any content (including hyperlinks on Pembrokeshire Inspired that link to content elsewhere on the internet) on Pembrokeshire Inspired that is offensive or that they believe to be inaccurate or incorrect, or any content that contravenes these Terms and Conditions in any other way please contact

Pembrokeshire Inspired will consider requests to remove or amend content but is not obligated to or so unless directed by law. Pembrokeshire Inspired will attempt to respond to requests, and especially to those requests regarding serious breaches of these Terms and Conditions, however, this may not be possible in all instances.


Content posted by members or other third parties does not reflect the views and opinions of Pembrokeshire Inspired, its agents and/or affiliates.

To the extent permitted by law, Pembrokeshire Inspired excludes all conditions, warranties, representations or other terms which may apply, whether express or implied.  Pembrokeshire Inspired will not be liable for any losses, damages or expenses, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, even if foreseeable, arising under or in connection with your use of, or inability to use, Pembrokeshire Inspired or your use of or reliance on any Content, provided that nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall restrict or exclude any liability that Pembrokeshire Inspired has to any party which cannot be excluded by law.

To the extent permitted by applicable laws, Pembrokeshire Inspired shall not be held responsible for any content supplied by a Member or other Third Party, or for any losses, damages or expenses caused and/or suffered as a result of any content supplied by any Third Party on Pembrokeshire Inspired.

Pembrokeshire Inspired reserves the right to remove or amend any content which does not meet these Terms and Conditions.

Pembrokeshire Inspired also reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.  By using content, or hyperlinking to our content, you agree to be bound to and follow these linking terms and conditions.

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