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Saturday 2 – Sunday 30 October

This exhibition is a collaboration between the artists and a team of scientists working on a project titled CHERISH which is concerned with increasing knowledge about the impacts of climate change, past, present and future, on the archaeological record and landscape history of the coastlines of Wales and Ireland.

The work explores this dynamic edge where the land meets the sea, often reinterpreting aerial photographs of the coastline that reveal change over time, or responding directly to the observed, subjective and felt experiences of place, weather and environment.

Monaghan and Ruddock aim to complement the scientific research by adding their own visual responses to these liminal, often ancient sites of habitation, many of which are rapidly being lost to the sea. Their work, situated within the urgent context of a changing climate, explores the relevance of the coast in our collective past and seeks to raise awareness of both the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of our fragile coastline.

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